How to stay active everyday

Have you heard someone said “The key to physical fitness isn’t exercise, it’s movement”?

Lots of people think they do not have time for exercising in the morning or evening after work. Thus, in order to be healthy, The Squirrels Basket suggests followings for you to stay active and get fit in your daily routine.


Do housework.  Instead of sitting still and watching TV, try sweeping or mopping the floor to make you move around. This will make your house look more pleasant.


Walk. Especially those who are office workers, try walk up the stair instead of using an elevator. Or walk to near destination instead of using car or taking a bus. By walking, you will save your money and burn calories easily. Also, if you make it your normal behaviour, you will have less chance to develop office syndrome.


Sit up. Most of the time, people sit for hours in the same position and toiling away in front of computer screens. Try sit up and stretch or it would be better if you walk around for a few minutes after sitting still for an hour. Apart from having your body moving, it will clear your mind of stress and make your brain more effective.


Set goals. Remember that being active should be your habit. Try set goals to help you move more often. You can ask your family or friends to do some activity together to make yourself move more such as riding a bicycle every weekends which means you can exercise more while having precious time with your love ones.


The Squirrels Basket hopes that you can move a bit more little by little so that everyone stays active and gets fit together.

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