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What are Healthy Energy Balls?


What exactly are Healthy Energy Balls? There has been an increasing trend in the last few years where these products have been talked about on Pinterest, Quora, Facebook and various websites on the internet.

A combination of tasty whole foods in a convenient ball shape? A mixture of superfoods, or a combination of sweet sticky carbohydrates?

They are known as Energy Balls, Fitballs, Superballs, Powerballs, Protein Balls and even Energy Bites. There is an ever-increasing trend towards healthier choices for snacks and these products can fill that slot.

Is it a healthy ball, energy ball, protein ball, energy bite, a snack ball or a superball?

There is no real definition about what makes a fitball a healthy energy ball or a superball, or a protein ball. They are all different and they are all very similar. Blend 3 to 5 ingredients together in a ball shape. Do not add any preservatives, no coloring, no sugars and make it organic if you can.

Make one of the main ingredients a superfood and you have a super ball. Add a protein powder into the mix and you have a protein ball. It is that simple, there are numerous recipes out there on how to make these things and from what I can see they are all good, and all very similar with slight variations.

The key here to making them healthy is that these foods do not have anything added to them, they are made up of only natural ingredients.

All balls/bites are not equal

A quick search on Google will show you that there are many different recipes for these tasty morsels.

Everything from Peanut Butter Cup Energy Bites to Superfood Energy Balls

A quick search on the Internet provided me with the following information summarized in this table:

Energy Balls

As you can see thee is a world of difference in the type and calorie count of these energy balls.

The majority of the items in the table above are handmade, produced in your kitchen and have a shelf life of a week or so if refrigerated. When frozen you can extend the shelf life to three months.

All balls are approximately 1/2 inch in diameter and are made with items readily available. They are all around 10 to 15 grams weight. The recipes are all basic and easy to make in your own kitchen.

They are not Candy Bars

Everyone is looking for healthier choices these days and these types of products are filling an ever-increasing demand in our lives. Candy bars and Chips are no longer seen through the rose colored glasses of youth where sugar was not evil.

Now we know better sugars and carbohydrates are increasingly vilified in the press and society in general. Healthy food bites/balls are a good alternative to keeping candy bars around. However, they are only as healthy as you make them.

They are not candy bars, though they can taste just as good. When selecting and or making these products you must look closely at the sugars and carbohydrates.


The answer to our original question is Healthy Energy Balls are what you want them to be. There are a multitude of ingredients that can be combined into your own version of an Energy Ball/Bite. They can be as healthy or as unhealthy as you would like to make them. The secret to healthier fitballs or bites is to limit the ingredients that you combine in your recipe.

There are an increasing number of commercially available balls and bites. They range from Just 2 to 5 ingredients and again they have various names such as superballs, protein balls, healthy balls, healthy bites and fitballs.

The shelf life of these products range from a month or two to as much as fifteen months. Obviously longer shelf life is desirable, but may come at the cost of preservatives. Any product that is preservative free and has a long shelf life is the best option.

Based on the amount of products that are becoming available I would say this trend is here to stay and long overdue.

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