What is Fit Fit?

What is a Fit Fit

Fit Fit is healthy snack made from natural ingredients.

They are made from fruit and nut without sugars, colours and preservatives so that the flavor is natural

Those fruits and nuts are mixed and shaped in proper bite size.

Thus this healthy on-the-go snack is suitable for everyone

Fit fit is imported from Turkey which has European and International standards for food production.


Also, Fit Fit is Thailand FDA approved.

Fit Fit

There are 3 flavors of Fit Fit

– Apricots & Almonds & Bitter chocolate

– Figs & Walnuts

– Dates & Cocoa & Hazelnuts & Cocoa mass

One Fit Fit has less than 91 calories and no added sugar.

Without doubt, this healthy snack is delicious and good for you. So do not forget to keep Fit Fit in your bag, purse, gym bag, golf bag or briefcase.

Fit Fit flavours

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